Pauper Burn in the new era

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The Pauper bans (Gush, Gitaxian Probe, and Daze as of 5/20) have had a little time to settle into my brain and I now have a few thoughts on what it means for the noble red mage, as well as the format in general. Honestly, Daze makes sense. It’s probably too “free” of a magic […]

Battle Report – The Draftermath (10/6)

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Taking first place at the Guilds of Ravnica Draft weekend was Patrick Dubios with an undefeated boros deck. The List Sunhome Stalwart Parhelion Patrol Venerated Loxodon Healer’s Hawk (x2) Roc Charger Haazda Marshal Take Heart Candlelight Vigil Luminous Bonds Ornery Goblin Goblin Cratermaker Wojek Bodyguard Lava Coil Sure Strike Maniacal Rage Legion Warboss Runaway Steam-Kin […]

First Thorsday after the remodel

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This week we split up Vermont Computing and Pixels & Bricks with a divider so the poor computer repair customers wouldn’t be bothered by the hoards of gamers that show up while the computer store is still open. We set up the rental computers permanently on wooden benches instead of just setting them up before […]