Gameday Approaches

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Magic Origins pre-release has come and gone, Fat-packs have been opened, Boxes and packs have been scavenged and the final Core set Game day is fast approaching. Come bring your newly upgraded standard decks, armed to the the teeth with 8 sets available to use. Arm your Blue-Black control with a nice new Languish, or make the Thoptter deck of your dreams with the introduction of Pia and Kiran Nalaar and Thopter Spy network, Or go old school and crack out some Constellation with the addition of Starfield of Nyx and Herald of the Pantheon. Whatever spells you may wield, come on down to Pixels & Bricks this Saturday August 8th! Come on down and Win a Sweet Sword of the Animist Playmat and some awesome Gameday Promo’s! As always Gameday is Absolutely FREE! So come down and show off your spell slinging skills!