Gameday Results

Gameday is a few weeks behind us, with 11 players all piloting very different decks

Matt Finkle: Temur Super-friends

Douglas Finke: Elves

Derek Weaver: Blue-White Control

Cheyenne Barnaby: Constellation

Mike Brasile: Blue-Red Thopters

Cara Tucker: Warriors

Robert Holman: Abzan Midrange

Adam Craney: Mono-Black Midrange

Ernie Craney: Mono- White Heroic

Tristan Brown: Red-Black Midrange

Andrew Gustafson: Blue-Red Midrange

Winning the event was Tristan Brown, With Ernie Craney and Derek weaver taking Second and Third. With everyone bringing home at least 1 Gameday promo, the night was filled with down to the wire games and huge comebacks, some of the best spell slinging always takes place at Gameday.