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Modern Masters 2015, Origins Pre-Release Prep, and our newest Fuzzy player

Magic dominates the updates as usual. One day we’ll make board games popular in this little game store in the middle of nowhere Vermont.

Modern Masters 2015

We had a crew rip through a MM box in a matter of moments. Have you ever seen a pack of lions take down a gazelle on the discovery channel? It looked a bit like that.

20150618_160806        20150618_160812

The pre-release for Magic Origins is coming quickly. We’ve started accepting pre-orders for the pre-release. Pre-Pre-Order-Release. It’s our first one so we’re doing it up big, we’ll be having raffles and door prizes, we’ll have some grills going, and of course lots of gaming. Join us on 7/11!

Our store has been invaded by cuteness, we’re not even sure how to handle it.