New Magic League/ Tribal Wars Finale

Tribal wars is ending, With one week left Chase Spinks Holds a tight grip on the lead with a 20 points, Four other players are looking to take the lead over Chase in the last week of the Tribal wars, Tristan Brown (18 Points) Derek Weaver (14 Points) Cheyenne Barnaby (12 Points) and Ernie Craney ( 12 Points ), with a few other players tied at 11 points, even if they won all 9 points of the week they would only tie with Chase. Tristan, Derek, Cheyenne, and Ernie all have the possibility of overtaking Chase, but can they outlast each other. It all comes down to this, who will win the Tribal wars!

After the dust settles from the Tribal wars, Magic league will change nights, Instead of being before Pixels and Bricks it will be every other Saturday, on weeks that we don’t have Pixels and Bricks.

The next Magic league will be Khans of Tarkir sealed league. The sealed league will have a startup entry of buying 3 packs of Khans of Tarkir, and making a 40 card deck out of those cards. Every league night ¬†your entry fee will be to buy one more pack of Khans of Tarkir to use to edit your deck, as the league goes on your decks will get stronger and more personalized. It’s a great format for all players, experienced or just starting out, there is no other investment other than the 3 packs at the beginning and the pack per league night.


At the end of each league night you will have to leave your decks at the store and pick it up the next time! We are hoping to see you there and bring your friends, the more people we have the more games we can have! Come on down to Pixels and Bricks every other Saturday starting at 5pm!