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P&B Season II Launch, Tribal Launch, and a new weekly game.

Gaming in Central Vermont is proving to be a worthwhile endeavor as we launched two events here at Pixels & Bricks over the weekend and are going to get even more started next week.

On Saturday we saw the launch of our first Magic: The Gathering League, Tribal Wars. The idea behind the league was to bring back something from the early days of Magic; creature based battles and decks. Watching large amounts of creatures duke it out was not only nostalgic but inspiring to see a younger generation get into the style that I grew up with. The night was ruled by a viscous goblin deck played by the notorious Chase Hunter Spinks. A brilliant combo was used to turn the massive amount of Goblins generated by Krenko Mob Boss into attacking dragons. It was terrifying and beautiful.

Tribal Launch


Later on Saturday night was the highly anticipated return of our Flagship game night, from which we chose the store name; Pixels & Bricks, or as more people are calling it now, P&B. We had an enormous turnout and a very high energy crowd. Each season we have a PC game competition with a different game. This season we are playing the classic Star Wars Battlefront II. Each hour played during P&B gets you one entry into a raffle that will be drawn at the end of the season.

There was a large number of first timers in attendance that increased the number of Magic players at P&B. We also saw Settlers of Catan, Call of Duty, and Borderlands. All in all a very enjoyable event.


Starting a week from today, Wednesday the 6th of June a new weekly game night will be starting up called Wednesday Wars. A night dedicated to Board Games and RPGs. Running from 6PM-10PM at the low-low price of $3. There will be games available to borrow, but we highly encourage players to bring their own and join games brought by others and expand their gaming experience.