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Ah the ups and downs of prerelease. Many a packs have been opened and many rounds of Magic have been played and the hour of devastation prerelease and release is officially behind us.


Winning our midnight prerelease was Will Hackett, taking down some very well experienced players along the way. Will was piloting a red and green aggro deck with a top end of the giant 7/7 uncommon, Sifter Wurm. As the clock struck 4am Will took on Matt Finkle in the finals and came out on top.

Winning our 4pm was Tristan brown, Piloting a Black an Green deck with a -1/-1 counter theme opening a Hapatra, Vizer of poisons and an ammit eternal as well as two Torment of Poisons and a torment of scarabs. Brown played to a 6-1 game record to face off against long time rival Bryce Homick also 6-1 at the time. Homick on Red Green splashing black, took game one with a very early 6/7 hexproof crocodile scaled behemoth that killed brown in 3 very quick turns. Brown and Homick fought through a long game that started out with a very early Torment of scarabs cursed onto Homick. Though Homick did manage to get down the behemoth again, a triple block from Brown cleared both the crocodile and Browns board, the curse didn’t allow Homick to rebuild fast enough and Brown took game 2. Game 3 Homick keeps a 1 land 6 card hand as brown goes down to a 5 card hand, Homick had land troubles in the early game and brown got some early life pressure in, Homick stabilized and managed to fight back into the game, but by that time he was staring down two Soulstingers, Hapatra and some deathtouch snakes. After a full hour of back and fourth magic, brown managed to take a 2-1 lead finishing with a night best 8-2 record. Homick at 7-3 took second place.

After many hours of magic many players left with some awesome new cards from Hour of Devastation. Thank you to all the players who made it possible!


Finally we are introducing a new monthly award for Pixels Player of the month! This award goes to a player who has been playing at the top of there game or has improved there overall play.

July’s player of the month is Peter Corologos. Peter has improved his game a lot in the past month and has moved to consistently placing in the top 4 of most events. Corologos has improved his deck building both sealed and constructed and is taking down some of our best players with home brewed decks. When asked about what has contributed to his improved play he said “We have a lot of high quality players and I have been constantly been playing these people and as I have played I have gotten a hang of the mechanics a lot more. But more to the point, Pixels and bricks is an environment that nurtures growth and by playing here constantly I have been able to grow as it is a very nurturing environment”. ┬áCorologos has been playing magic for about a year and a half and has been playing with many different decks and different cards. “Sweltering Suns, Cruel reality, and Glorybringer” are some of his favorites. Congrats Peter and keep playing those Fire-Dragons!


That’s all for now! More PnB news coming soon!