Ravnica round Three: Guilds of Ravnica

Guilds of Ravnica is around the corner (Prerelease Sepember 29-30th). This marks the 3rd and (Hopefully final) time that we have a set on Ravnica. We will see 5 guilds (Selesnya, Boros, Golgari, Izzet, and Dimir) and will see the other 5 (Orzhov, Gruul, Simic, Rakdos, and Azorius) next set. So here are my 5 thoughts on the newest set, to note none of the cards have been spoiled as of the writing of this article. There will be another article after preview season.


1. Izzet. Wizards! Give us those wizards to make the wizards deck! There is so much support for it in Dominaria! It just needs a few more key creatures and a few key spells and we will have the Izzet deck of the season. We will probably be getting a few more Instant/Sorceries matter cards so we can get more value out of each spell. Guttersnipe and Naru Meha make for two great finishers for the deck and cards like Wizard’s Lightning, and Wizard’s Retort make the core of a Blue/Red spells list.

Image result for naru mehaImage result for wizard lightning mtgImage result for wizard lightning mtg

2. Bring the charms back!

Charms are cheap, flexible, and powerful. Very playable in constructed as well as sealed formats, the charms saw a bunch of play in Return to Ravnica standard and would see equal play now. With cards like Fatal push, Abrade,and Doomfall, all rotating out, we will need some cheap utility spells to take their place. Charms or Charm-like cards would be a major plus for Guilds of Ravnica.


Image result for izzet charmImage result for boros charmImage result for Dimir charmImage result for Selesnya charmImage result for Selesnya charm


3. Boros Aggro will take over as the best aggro deck.

With Hazoret and friends rotating out there will be an empty throne for the king aggro deck. The likely contender for the spot will be Mono-green aggro; A deck that has been proving its worth for all of M19 standard and doesn’t lose too many key cards when rotation hits. Also vouching for the spot will be the remainder of the red cards (Lightning strike, Goblin Chainwhirler, and Rekindling Phoenix), with Boros coming out in Guilds, red aggro decks will likely move to red white strategies. Featuring fast, cheap creatures finished off with a top end of Rekindling Phoenix and Lyra Dawnbringer. We also have a strong Red/White enchantment for the Boros deck in Path of Mettle (RIX) a card I believe to be under valued at the moment.  A few weeks into Guilds standard we will be seeing a race between Mono-Green and Red/White aggro decks for the top spot and I believe that there will be real talks for R/W being in the top spot.


4. The Goodbyes

Rotation day is both a very happy and very sad day for every standard player. On the one hand we get to say goodbye to the decks that we lose to but we also have to say goodbye to the decks we win with. Standard has been strange recently and I highly recommend watching TCG player’s video on Kaladesh and all the problems that came with it. Rotation day is the biggest hurdle for every standard player, they have to start from scratch; No meta, no top 8 decklists, nothing. just a bunch of cards to build with. I call the first 4 weeks of standard after a rotation “brewers month” there are no decklists to work off of and there are no best cards. We have seen some great cards


5. Most of all. Just please be good. 

We have had some busts recently, M19 was just a core set and that is about it, Rivals of Ixalan was a cool set thematically but didn’t deliver when it came to card mechanics or function. Dominaria was the best set we have seen since Khans of Tarkir (yes it was better then Kaladesh) and was an A+ tier set. We need more of that.  Guilds of Ravnica just needs to be solid A- at best and anything more is gravy. We have been though a lot in the past 3 years with all the bans and weird R&D. We deserve to have good sets in standard not just good themes but good game play. Ravnica has been historically good which is why we are here for a third time so that is a mark in its favor, we can lean on an established plane with good mechanics and set archetypes to give us good new cards that we want.  Often the first set of a block is the marking point to weather or not the whole block will be good (See Innistrad. See Champions of Kamigawa). In the end, nothing matters if the set isn’t good.




Thats all for now! I have a few more articles planned and have been enjoying writing these.

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Thanks all!