Spring Changes!

A lot has been going on at PnB in the past few months. The first being a complete rearrange of the layout of the store! We decided to freshen things up and move stuff around to both make more space and consolidate all of our product into one area.


Moving our product also opens up space for our newest addition to the shelves; 3D printed dice, dice trays, deck boxes, and fidget spinners and more; printed IN HOUSE by our very own Tyler Gurdak and his company Full Plastic Alchemist. Tyler is very excited to start printing custom items just for you! Come on in and ask for the Alchemist!

Standard showdown has been a success over the past 3 weeks. Many people are bringing new and different decks to try and compete for the golden pack-o-standard-rares! Standard is booming at Pixels and the meta is very healthy with no two decks being the same and new and exciting decks showing up every week! Every Saturday from now until Pre-release join us for some awesome free Standard!

Quickly becoming a familiar face the Pixels crowd is Blake Hutchins! Playing some pretty complicated decks and tough match-ups, Blake has picked up the game very quickly and has been getting better every week! Welcome to the game Blake!

Pauper tiers Pixels And Bricks first player built tournament was earlier this month. Taking home the crown was Jason Jarvis, playing none other then his elves deck. Taking down a room full of high power Pauper decks the Tribal deck ended up on top, beating Mono-Blue Delver in 3 games to take home the Lightning bolt play mat and all the bragging rights.

Signups for the Hour of Devastation Pre-release are up! Lock in your slot today before they are all gone! Pre-release weekend is July 7th and 8th!