Tristan’s Card of the month August

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This month’s card of the month Is this bad boy. Yisan the Wanderer bard.

With no relevance in anything other than Commander this card is found in almost every bulk rare box in the country.

Lets break it down.

For 3 mana (2+G) You put a counter on it and then dig up any creature in your deck that has a Converted mana cost equal to the number of counters on it.

This card if left alone for too long gets explosive, once it passes the 3rd counter you are making value and you are searching through your 99 card deck.

In EDH Yisan works very similarly to Birthing pod, it is a little easier to kill  with only 3 toughness and no real protection built in. But unlike pod, Yisan builds a board-state very quickly.


The Yisan EDH deck does have some problems when it comes to the higher numbers, Once Yisan gets up around 8-9 It starts to slow down. There aren’t as many targets for Yisan at 9, there is only really Hand of Emrakul and Artisan of Kozilek, and artisan doesn’t get its trigger because it’s not cast.

Yisan peaks around 7 with a bunch of really nice targets, Most of the Wurms hang around 7 CMC.

From 10-15 it’s mostly Edrazi with the Exception of Worldspine wurm at 11. 10 is Kozilek Butcher of truth, and 12 has If that betrays.

Yisan as a commander is quite fun to build and even more fun to play against as it generates a large amount of creatures quite fast.

Yisan recovers from wipes much faster than expected, with a good mana base of 40 forests. It can play Yisan again the following turn and start building up the army as fast as possible. Although the cards in the graveyard tend to stay in the graveyard, the deck runs multiple targets at each CMC so It can go back through the deck and get a completley different board.

Although he is confined to his colors, green is the best color to be confined in.

Go pick up a Yisan the wanderer bard and post your deck list down below!


That’s all for now!