Tristan’s Card of the month! (July)

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Bile Blight

Greetings fellow Magic Players! I have am going to start posting a card of the month for every month! These cards can be from any game but to start it will be Magic cards.

This month’s card is Bile Blight. Bile Blight is a Black instant from Born of the gods set and is used heavily in ant standard deck that can run it.

Being able to drop a bunch of tokens in one blow or being able to weaken an oncoming strike of creatures is extremely powerful for just two black mana. This card has won me many games off the top deck, and provides so much value for two black mana.

Although it doesn’t hit Courser, Rhino, any of the Dragonlords, Whisperwood. It does hit some heavily played cards such as Deathmist, Den protector, All of the flip walkers, and with the addition of Hangerback Walker, it knocks out Thopter tokens. it can also hit a bunch of other early drops

We are about to lose Bile blight so throw it into your deck if you can run it and try it out at your next FNM!!

Check back next month for our next Card of the month!