Rotation day is near!

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Standard Players the day is finally here. Rotation day is September 28th and with it we say goodbye to four sets, Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows over Innistrad, and Eldritch moon. With this comes a new standard. Today we will be breaking down what Rotation means for standards meta.   May the […]

Pixels Pro Spotlight Gameday Hour of Devastation.

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Winning our Hour of Devastation Gameday was Tristan Brown with Blue Red Control. This deck was a popular choice with 3 copies of similar decks competing for the Mastermind playmat. Lets take a look inside the Gameday winning deck   The 75. Creatures (5)  1x Kefnet The Mindful 4x Torrential Gearhulk Instants and Sorcceries (29) […]


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  Ah the ups and downs of prerelease. Many a packs have been opened and many rounds of Magic have been played and the hour of devastation prerelease and release is officially behind us.   Winning our midnight prerelease was Will Hackett, taking down some very well experienced players along the way. Will was piloting […]

Spring Changes!

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A lot has been going on at PnB in the past few months. The first being a complete rearrange of the layout of the store! We decided to freshen things up and move stuff around to both make more space and consolidate all of our product into one area.   Moving our product also opens […]

New Content!

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The Pixels and Bricks blog has been pretty dormant. But fear not dear reader there is a bunch of awesome new content on the way! Readers got a sneak peak into the new Pixels blog with our Gameday post. There will be more player spotlights and interviews along with all the news Pixels players need […]

Gameday Results

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Gameday is a few weeks behind us, with 11 players all piloting very different decks Matt Finkle: Temur Super-friends Douglas Finke: Elves Derek Weaver: Blue-White Control Cheyenne Barnaby: Constellation Mike Brasile: Blue-Red Thopters Cara Tucker: Warriors Robert Holman: Abzan Midrange Adam Craney: Mono-Black Midrange Ernie Craney: Mono- White Heroic Tristan Brown: Red-Black Midrange Andrew Gustafson: […]