New Content!

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The Pixels and Bricks blog has been pretty dormant. But fear not dear reader there is a bunch of awesome new content on the way! Readers got a sneak peak into the new Pixels blog with our Gameday post. There will be more player spotlights and interviews along with all the news Pixels players need […]

Gameday Results

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Gameday is a few weeks behind us, with 11 players all piloting very different decks Matt Finkle: Temur Super-friends Douglas Finke: Elves Derek Weaver: Blue-White Control Cheyenne Barnaby: Constellation Mike Brasile: Blue-Red Thopters Cara Tucker: Warriors Robert Holman: Abzan Midrange Adam Craney: Mono-Black Midrange Ernie Craney: Mono- White Heroic Tristan Brown: Red-Black Midrange Andrew Gustafson: […]

New Magic League/ Tribal Wars Finale

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Tribal wars is ending, With one week left Chase Spinks Holds a tight grip on the lead with a 20 points, Four other players are looking to take the lead over Chase in the last week of the Tribal wars, Tristan Brown (18 Points) Derek Weaver (14 Points) Cheyenne Barnaby (12 Points) and Ernie Craney […]

Gameday Approaches

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Magic Origins pre-release has come and gone, Fat-packs have been opened, Boxes and packs have been scavenged and the final Core set Game day is fast approaching. Come bring your newly upgraded standard decks, armed to the the teeth with 8 sets available to use. Arm your Blue-Black control with a nice new Languish, or […]

First Thorsday after the remodel

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This week we split up Vermont Computing and Pixels & Bricks with a divider so the poor computer repair customers wouldn’t be bothered by the hoards of gamers that show up while the computer store is still open. We set up the rental computers permanently on wooden benches instead of just setting them up before […]