“Can you see my screen?”

“What card is that?”

“Sorry I was muted”

These aren’t what you’re used to hearing when you play Magic. It’s been months since we’ve had a Friday Night Magic, or Thursday modern, or rolled for initiative on a Wednesday evening over a subway wrapper.

As we slowly wait for the 6′ distancing rule to be lifted games continue to find new life over Discord, Google Hangouts, and Roll20. We know it’s not the same. It sucks for us too. Not just financially, but socially. We miss our community of players, the razzing, the surprise appearances at events, the excitement of pack 1 pick 1 on a draft; everything.

Pixels will be the crew that survives the apocalypse, continue to order with us online, chat with us in discord, yell at Tristan on Twitch and we’ll be back on the wooden tables in the shop before you know it.

We miss you all.